About Us

Driftwood Corner is a UK based family run business operating from the central location of Stourbridge in the West Midlands.

We offer a personal and professional service for those people who may not be in a position to regularly tend for memorials and grave-sites as often as they would ideally like to.

Whether you live locally, have moved to other parts of the UK, or even emigrated to another country, we would like offer you our graveside tending services.

We also provide and place either freshly cut or tasteful artificial flowers, which you can choose from some of our suggested options. Or if you have a personal favourite, please just let us know and we’ll see exactly what we can do to help there also.

Our services could be for a single visit, for special days of personal remembrance or anniversaries. Or alternatively, we can arrange visits to be made continuously throughout the year. These can be set up to be monthly, quarterly or annually and we can also tailor a visit plan specifically to your own personal needs and wishes.

We understand from personal experience, that to entrust someone to take care of the resting place or memorial of your family, friends and loved ones may not come easily. 

Which is why when tending graves and memorials on your behalf, we treat them with the care and respect they deserve. We also ensure that our work is carried out to the highest possible standard; the same standard we would expect if someone were to tend the graveside of one of our own.

We take pride in what we do, the same pride that you too may experience after having tending the grave/memorial in person; the satisfaction you may feel when it’s finished and you take a few steps back to look on contentedly at the results.

If you feel we may be able to help, please contact us and we can discuss how best we can be of assistance; and should you wish, we can then let you have a free no obligation quotation.

Please be assured that all of our services are offered confidentially and handled with the discretion you would expect. 


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